Minnesota Swimming—Clubs


The Minnesota swimming Local Swim Committee (LSC) includes more than 70 clubs and 10,000 registered athletes. Geographically, the LSC encompasses every county in Minnesota plus four in western Wisconsin. 

General Information and News

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To Find a Club in Minnesota 

USA Swimming's Club Finder is an easy way to quickly find a club near you.  CLICK HERE to begin your search.

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Parents:  New to Competitive Swimming? Want to Learn More?

Parents are the backbone of swimming's volunteer structure. Parents of the 300,000+ registered athletes in USA Swimming athletes provide the support that make this sport successful, and enable their  sons and daughters to derive the huge number of benefits that competitive swimming offers.

USA Swimming's website has a wide range of resources available to parents. Click here to access their resources, which includes information basics in Swimming 101, articles, Frequently Asked Questions, nutrition tips, help on how to talk with your child's coach--and more!


New Parent Education Resources!  USA Swimming presents its new monthly Parent Excellence Academy.  We are excited to announce a special relationship with Growing Champions for Life, an organization dedicated to creating cohesive families and principle-centered athletes who win at life, not just at swimming. Every month, you will be able to access new content from inspirational videos and educational webinars to interesting articles and informative newsletters right here on our web site. Check out this great new resource now!

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Pre-Employment Screening

Clubs are responsible for hiring and supervising their own coaches and staff, and managing their own volunteers. Responsible and thorough hiring practices are critical to maintaining a safe and healthy training environment for our members.  The pre-employment screening program requires clubs to conduct three required screens prior to offering employment to any potential employee

(1) past employment reference checks

(2) verify the highest held level of education

(3) acquire a state motor vehicle report.

Clubs are also encouraged to complete two option screens:

(1) social network search

(2) Google media search

Click here to learn more about the program or initiate a pre-employment screen.